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Our mission is to teach a welcoming faith-based message of family and community and celebrate our cultural diversity. Through non-partisan interaction, presentation, social media and other methods, we educate and encourage young future leaders in how to celebrate our cultural diversity and look for similarities with other cultures to grow our economy, strengthen our communities, support our cultural faith and family values, support and abide by the laws in our country and communities and create unity among all races. Bienvenido encourages our members and those to whom we preach, teach and reach to embrace our cultural differences; and to accept and respect we are all equal in this country and in the eyes of God.


No. Bienvenido not only takes in the Hispanic culture, but all cultures throughout America as well.

At the roots, we are a faith based, conservative organization; however, we are not affiliated with one particular party.

Bienvenido’s target audiences range from, but are not limited to, the high school population to the younger business professionals.


Upholding the constitution is our utmost priority when engaging in political advocacy, and conversation.


Our organization is structured with faith being the cornerstone of our foundation, mirroring our forefather’s intentions upon creating this country.


We are on a mission to create a lasting intellectual impact while striving to improve the younger generations who enter the workforce.

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