About The


Founded on the principles of liberty and faith, Bienvenido Faith Assembly is a coalition of Pastors, churches, and faith leaders joined together to preserve our constitutional rights founded on Judeo-Christian values. 

Our Faith Assembly is active in educating, training, and mobilizing the faith community to “Vote Their Faith”. Our partnership with faith leaders has allowed us to lead a robust movement with the purpose of defending our Biblical values. 


Initiative Priorities

EDUCATE: Bienvenido Faith Assembly believes in advocating for civic ministry by activating voter registration drives with our partnering churches and informing faith voters on the Biblical stances on the ballot.
ENGAGE: Our coalition is dedicated in activating the Hispanic faith community to vote in every election and growing the next generation of leaders that will positively influence our country with biblical truth.
EMPOWER: Our Field Directors are active in hosting community empowerment events, leadership summits, prayer calls, and grassroots outreach campaigns

The Team