Bienvenido Faith Assembly Leads Largest Voter Registration Drive Across Churches in America in Response to Biden’s Action

Apr 3, 2024

Dallas, TX- Bienvenido Faith Assembly, a leading evangelical organization dedicated to engaging evangelical voters, announced its unprecedented success in organizing the largest voter registration drive in a single day across partnering churches in five different states.

This significant initiative comes in direct response to President Biden's recent announcement of Trans Day of Visibility coinciding with Easter, a move perceived by many as an attack on Christianity. In light of this, Bienvenido Faith Assembly has taken proactive measures to empower and mobilize evangelical communities to exercise their civic duty and vote according to biblical principles.

The monumental voter registration drive saw participation from a diverse array of churches, united in their commitment to upholding Christian values in the face of cultural and political challenges. Through grassroots efforts and collaborative outreach, Bienvenido Faith Assembly reaffirms its mission to equip and engage evangelical churches nationwide in advocating for biblical values in the public sphere.

"As stewards of faith and citizenship, it is imperative that we stand firm in defense of our deeply held beliefs and convictions," remarked Joshua Navarrete, Senior Director of Bienvenido Faith Assembly. "In the wake of recent events, our voter registration drive underscores the collective determination of evangelical communities to make their voices heard and uphold the values that define our nation's moral fabric."

As the political landscape continues to evolve, Bienvenido Faith Assembly remains steadfast in its commitment to promoting biblical principles and fostering civic engagement within the evangelical community.



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