TEXAS: Bienvenido Faith Assembly partnered with churches across Texas for back-to-school drive.

Aug 15, 2022

Bienvenido Faith Assembly
  • Bienvenido Faith Assembly partnered with 70 churches across Texas to provide students with backpacks and school supplies.  
  • This back-to-school drive was a partnership between Bienvenido Faith Assembly and our 1776 Education Fund. 
  • With the help of local stores and numerous donors, Bienvenido was able to hand out thousands of backpacks and needed school supplies in churches located in Latino neighborhoods. 

“In America, the pathway to success is a good education. I am proud of the work our faith assembly is doing by providing the tools needed to ensure students start the school year off on a great start.” Abraham Enriquez, President of Bienvenido. 

Bienvenido’s back to school drive is an annual joint project between our 1776 education fund, which provides the monetary resources, and our faith assembly which identifies the churches that have been consistent with our voter registration efforts. This year we doubled the number of churches we partnered with, as well as doubled the resources we provided students from PreK-12th grade. 

Our 1776 Education Fund is designed to provide resources to students and amplify patriotic education in America. Saving the values that make America great starts by supporting students that love America.