Bienvenido Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month

Sep 15, 2022

Standing in the White House Rose Garden, President Ronald Reagan commemorated Hispanic Heritage Month on September 13, 1988. In his speech, President Reagan highlighted the strength behind the Hispanic community: family. Stating that all Americans “should listen to the glorious traditions that work in Hispanic culture, the tradition of caring for your own.” 

This Hispanic Heritage Month we celebrate the positive impact we have made in America. With over 60 million Hispanics across the country, we are the largest minority group in America. Hispanics are the youngest and fastest growing group in America. Our buying power has grown to $1.9 trillion and is rapidly rising and fueling the U.S. economy. We account for 78% of the labor force and are starting businesses at a faster pace. Nobel Prize winning Mexican poet Octavio Paz who wrote, “In Hispanic morals, the true protagonist is the family.” Our dedication to our families is coupled with an exceptional work ethic — we get the job done. 

The Hispanic community has been at the center of America’s innovative journey. Hispanics hold strong values rooted in faith and love of country.

Bienvenido is proud to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month. We are proud of our heritage and grateful to live in a country where we can raise our families in freedom, prosperity, and faith. May God continue to bless our community, nuestra gente, and the United States of America.