Bienvenido Empresarios Partners with Expansion Magazine

Aug 30, 2022

Bienvenido’s Empresarios
October 2021
  • Abraham Enriquez (President of Bienvenido) and Christos Marafatsos (Chairman of Empresarios) join Edgar Farah (President of Grupo Expansion) to sign partnership. 
  • Expansion Magazine is a premier Spanish-language magazine targeted at business markets in Mexico and Latin America.

In our efforts to showcase the importance of positive bilateral relations between the U.S. and Mexico, Bienvenido's Empresarios and Expansion magazine signed a memorandum of understanding to highlight the investment opportunities and success stories with American business leaders. “Governments come and go, administrations change, and we don't know what the next rulers will be like,” Enriquez and Marafatsos commented. "But business leaders remain and we are facing a unique opportunity for businessmen from both countries to strengthen themselves and decide where we want to move forward." 

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